The suburbs were defined by the brands we sold

These images, like moving adverts or shop window displays, were developed from research of the original manuscript of JG Ballard’s 2006 novel, ‘Kingdom Come’ held at the British Library. It is a dark tale about the power, seduction and corruption of consumerism, in part inspired by Ballard’s trips to The Bentall Shopping Centre in Kingston.

The work was shown as part of 'Another Land: Experimental visualisations of place’ (2019) at Kingston Museum, in the Eadweard Muybridge Gallery. The Epson scanner and apparatus used to create these images was positioned on top of the crate Muybridge used to transport his equipment to the USA. There is an inter-relationship between Muybridge’s antique slides, these new images, and the equipment used in creating the illusion of time and motion.

‘Another Land’ brought together practitioners from Kingston University, the Royal College of Art and University of the Arts London.  This project is work in progress from ‘The Deserted Laboratory: The Para-Illustration of JG Ballard’. More information.

Artists included in ‘Another Land’: Denise Ackerl, Victoria Ahrens, Maxine Beuret, Karen Bosy, Daniel Brackenbury, Ben Branagan, Pamela Breda, Adriana Cobo, Tom Coward, Sinead Evans, Azadeh Fatehrad, Mireille Fauchon, Matthew Flintham, Leah Fusco, Hugo Glover, Carl Grinter, Ayano Hattori, Greta Hauer, Felicie Kertudo, Marianne Keating, Melanie King, Jina Lee, Lana Locke, Jane Madsen, Gareth Proskourine-Barnett, Emily Richardson, Matthew Richardson, Cole Robertson, Hannah Rollings, Caitlin Shepherd, Matthew Turner.
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Matthew Richardson Artist + Illustrator
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