Matthew Richardson uses proceses of assemblage to work in clay, paper and print. He is interested in how meanings and messages shift and fragment through the passage of time - what is lost, what is remembered and what leaves a trace. This is explored by playing in the spaces between the historic, material and symbolic qualities of objects, images and structures. Oblique and chance connections are found and built upon by working with and against the behaviour and idiosyncracies of a particular material. The objects and images that evolve through this process hover between the abstract and everyday, the magical and mundane.

Matthew lives and works in Norwich. His work has been shown in both gallery and museum spaces including g39, Oriel Davies, Transition, Outpost, Kingston Museum and The Beaney. He has worked as an illustrator in print and publishing and commissions have included projects with the V&A, the British Library and the Poetry Society. He is represented for illustration work by Heart.  CV  

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