Matthew Richardson makes collages, assemblages, ceramics and moving images. This diverse output is drawn together through the process of playful assemblage - of gathering and connecting fragments, by folding, stretching, cutting and joining as things are made to ‘fit’.

A recurring aspect of the work is about how meanings, messages and stories slip, slide and mutate across time. This is explored by experimenting with the possibilities of a particular process or medium, and by playing with the physical and symbolic properties of found objects and images from across wide time frames. He looks for hidden, oblique and chance connections, and at how things can become meaningful through recognition or mis-recognition and by changes in their context.

Matthew’s art and illustration has been used  across a range of contexts. His  work has been shown in gallery and museum spaces including Tactile Bosch, g39, Oriel Davies, Transition, Outpost and Kigston Museum. Commissions have included projects with the V&A, the British Library, ENO and the Poetry Society. He studied at Middlesex University and Central St. Martins and has taught at a number of art colleges including UCA Maidstone, Norwich University of the Arts and the RCA. He lives and works in Norwich, UK.    CV

Work is available via: Hoof + Claw Studio  Represented by Heart for illustration.

Email:  ︎   Instagram: @MatthewRubble

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Matthew Richardson Artist + Illustrator
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