Matthew Richardson is a UK artist and illustrator making collage, assemblage, books and film, working with both physical and digital media. He has created work across a diversity of contexts. Work has been shown in gallery spaces including Tactile Bosch, g39, Oriel Davies, Transition and Outpost. Illustration work has included projects with the V&A, the British Library and the Poetry Society. He has taught at a number of UK art colleges including UCA Maidstone, Norwich University of the Arts and the RCA.  Full CV.

Matthew’s practice looks at how meanings, messages and the stories we tell, shift and mutate over time. He does this by exploring and using the material and symbolic properties of found images and objects, and the technologies that produce them. His process is one of assemblage, of gathering together fragments, and of sifting meaning from the clutter and residue of an ever-accumulating material culture. He looks for hidden, oblique and chance connections, and at how objects and images become significant through recognition or mis-recognition and through changes in context.

Collages, objects, paintings and prints available at: Hoof + Claw Studio

Email:  ︎   Instagram: @MatthewRubble

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Matthew Richardson Artist + Illustrator
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